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What is an Investment Adviser?

An Investment Adviser is an individual or firm that assists in the development and implementation of a financial or investment plan.

Why Use an Investment Adviser?

There are many reasons for utilizing a professional firm to assist you in managing your investments or retirement funds. Over the years we have found that the reasons our clients have utilized our services include:

Outsource to a Professional:  Most clients recognize that they do not have the temperament or expertise needed to manage their own investments.  Experience and skill should be the foundation for managing the funds an individual will rely on for their future needs. 

Lack Of Personal Time: Properly managing an investment program takes time and experience that most people do not have or do not wish to commit.

Lack Of Information: Although the Internet and Financial programs like CNBC have made information about companies much more available, the real information upon which investment decisions should be based must still be obtained through direct contact with companies, extensive research, and skilled analysis. Once news about a company has reached CNBC or the Internet it is usually old news among experienced investment analysts.

Personal Financial Services: Since we maintain a close, personal relationship with our clients, we are often asked for advice on a broad range of financial matters. We can help a client in the overall coordination of their retirement and investment planning and management.

Leveraging Upon Expertise: Each of the financial advisors working with our firm has over 30 years of industry experience and business expertise built upon a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. In effect, our clients are leveraging their investing efforts on our overall skill and experience by entrusting us with the management of their investments.

Our Investment Process:

Step 1: Determine Your Risk Profile - Through personal consultations with you, we will develop a personal profile of your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, and attitude toward investing. If needed, we will also create a full financial plan, including retirement analysis, tax planning, estate planning, and other planning areas as needed.

Step 2: Develop Your Asset Allocation Policy - We will develop a personalized asset allocation policy based on the needs and objectives identified in your personal profile. This policy will be designed to pursue your investment goals, relative to your risk tolerance, through careful, diversified allocation of your investments.

Step 3: Implement Your Policy - Your asset allocation policy will be implemented by investing in a diversified portfolio that spans multiple asset classes and investment styles. Assets within your portfolio will be managed by established investment management firms, some of which are not accessible to individual investors.

Step 4: Monitor and Rebalance Your Portfolio - Your investment portfolio will be carefully monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains consistent with your agreed-upon asset allocation policy. If the relative value of investments in your portfolio changes enough to become inconsistent with this policy, we will reallocate funds within your portfolio as needed.

Step 5: Report the Results - We will communicate with you on a regular basis and provide a comprehensive reporting package, such as account level performance reports and statements providing details of your account - including total asset value and a record of all transactions that occurred during the reporting period.

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